Costas Konis, Ph.D.

Dr Konis  is a systems thinker who combines unique engineering, management, strategy and innovation skills that have been applied to a variety of needs. Dr Konis has special interest in intellectual capital, has been trained by the world’s top gurus and has trained hundreds of executives. Dr Konis has many years of experience in managing complex projects and a very successful record of meeting innovation challenges. He is a member of various professional societies and a member of the Board of the European Association for the Transfer of Technologies (TII); Dr Konis holds the title of European Engineer and serves as a Consultant for PhD Projects of the University of Middlesex, UK. He is also a visiting Professor at the University of Nicosia, an External Examiner at the University of Malta and a Judge to the Innovation Challenge, the biggest innovation competition in the world. Dr Konis holds BSc degree in Mechanical Engineering and MSc in Engineering from Louisiana Tech University USA and a PhD in Management Science from the University of Stirling in Scotland. Dr Konis is the former CEO of the Cyprus Technology Foundation.

Peder Hofman-Bang

Peder Hofman- Bang is the Director of Global Business Development, leading the development of consulting projects and programs of regional partners in Europe and China for ICMG. He has huge experience in intellectual management, training and rating and was involved in consulting practice and training programs for companies of various business categories. He was also responsible for global transformation leadership training, intellectual capital, entrepreneurship, strategy formulation, performance management, corporate culture, professional consultation in general related to risk assessment. Peder Hofman-Bang is a former leader of the development of IC Rating comprehensive enterprise company ICAB Sweden (now a subsidiary of ICMG) and has taken part in hundreds of intellectual capital rating studies. Peder Hofman-Bang holds a Master of Science degree from Stockholm School of Economics.

Spyros Episkopou Ph.D

Dr Episkopou is a highly respected professional with special interest in intangible assets having 22 years experience in banking and financial services in Cyprus and internationally. He worked as an economist and banker for 13 years with the Cyprus Popular Bank, then a member of HSBC Group (now Laiki), the last 6 based in London as the Bank’s General Manager of its UK operations. In 2001 he returned to Cyprus to join Universal Bank (now USB) as its General Manager. Between 2008 – 2010 he was appointed as the Chief Operating Officer of IKOS CIF Ltd, one of the 40 largest European Hedge Funds. He has extensive business knowledge and experience in the areas of strategic and financial planning, intangible assets, project management, business development, risk management, regulatory compliance, crisis management, contract negotiation, management of human resources. Dr Episkopou holds a First Class BA (Hons) Degree in Economics and a Ph.D. in Industrial Economics from the University of East Anglia in the U.K., where he also taught and worked as a Research Associate.

Michael Walters

Michael has a real passion for intangible and intellectual assets of organisation. He has been consulting for over 20 years after a career in Retail Banking. He worked on one of the pioneer teams developing what was to become CRM in the early 90’s. He has worked across most sectors including: banking, insurance, and retail, mobile telecoms, pharmaceutical and automotive. His core competency is based around understanding the drivers of customer engagement to deliver more top line revenue and how this can relate to customer loyalty. Michael is highly experienced in all aspects of customer engagement from acquisition, relationship development and customer winback. He recognized that what sets apart great organizations from the good is how they manage their intangible assets and especially human capital and align it to the business and customer objectives.

Naveed Syed

Naveed is recognized as an innovator consistently developing new ideas and solutions to meet the most complex and ambiguous client needs and challenges. A strong believer in intangible assets, he established a competitive advantage that displaced entrenched competitors and stimulated sales with senior client executives through innovative solution sets that help clients increase share of the market, drive business growth, and deepen /enhance customer relationships and services. Naveed is noted for consistent delivery of flawless, top-quality, on-time, on-budget, profitable engagements while creating a fun, rewarding, and collaborative work environment. Naveed produces extraordinary and measurable results for clients, managing development of high-quality deliverables that include competitive growth strategy, go-to-market and commercialization plans, sales and service delivery models, customer segmentation, channel strategy, global operating models, organizational designs and restructuring, operations strategy, M&A strategy, due diligence and integration, talent management strategies, change management and communications plans, and outsourcing strategy.

Simona Mihai-Yiannaki, Ph.D 

Dr Yiannaki is an expert consultant with special interest in the area of intellectual capital. She is also an Assistant Professor and Programme Coordinator for the Banking and Finance BBA programme at the European University Cyprus, Country Manager for the EuroMed Research Business Institute (EMRBI). She is also a Bank consultant with international experience and many success projects in various areas. Dr Yiannaki is an accredited trainer by AnAD (HRDA) Cyprus and the Certified Manager Manager (U.S.A.) Programme in Cyprus. Dr Yiannaki is involved in teaching, research, banking and finance industry consulting giving special empahsis on development and exploting intangible assets. She is also an accredited trainer By the Human Resource Development Agency Cyprus for the Certified Manager US Programme. Dr Yiannaki holds a Ph.D World Economics (Economics, International Economic Relations, World Economics). She had completed her MBA from Oxford Brooks University.

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