IC Rating

IC Rating

This is a tool for comprehensively evaluating and diagnosing management assets that are not listed on financial statements: intellectual capital. Innovage Consulting’s experienced consultants draw out the essential value from key internal and external stakeholders, by conducting interviews and/or surveys systematically designed to comprehensively evaluate strengths and challenges. Once evaluated, these strengths and challenges will be combined with unedited stakeholders’ opinions and compiled as quantitative data.

Innovage Consulting will then make and provide a report, adding comments to the data based on our own outstanding achievements and considerable experience. The report can be used to effectively review business strategy, to provide newly appointed executives or division directors with an opportunity to quickly understand their responsibilities, and to deal with M&A projects, because it will enable the business to be evaluated and analysed in a short time and at a low cost.

The creators of IC Rating™ at Intellectual Capital in Sweden were early pioneers in the field of intellectual capital. They felt that the challenges of managing intellectual capital called for new tools and new approaches. They wanted to provide a unique and powerful source of information for corporate leaders looking to build their competitive edge in the knowledge economy.

What they developed is IC Rating™—a practical, ready-to-use, standardized assessment of your intellectual capital portfolio. Since its development, the system has been employed in over 400 ratings worldwide—time and again proving its validity as an indispensable management tool.

Ratings are administered exclusively by consulting firms that have been trained in the system and its methodology. The focus of a rating is usually on a single strategic business unit and provides a complete picture of your intellectual capital from three major perspectives:

  • Efficiency —where you are today
  • Renewal— the state of your innovation processes
  • Risk— where you could be losing ground

The information generated in an IC Rating™ is critical for a variety of business leaders:

  • Boards of Directors—to round out traditional financial information
  • CEOs—to develop growth, innovation or change strategies
  • CFOs—to supplement the traditional accounting view of the corporation’s past and future potential
  • VPs of Strategy—to provide an objective analysis of the company’s performance against its strategic objectives
  • COOs—to better understand and manage people, processes and relationships
  • M&A professionals—to evaluate and/or communicate the intangible value drivers of a company’s success
  • Investors—to evaluate new or add-on investments

The key features of the IC Rating™ methodology include:

  • In-depth interviews of key stakeholders of your organization—this includes only those individuals who are best qualified to evaluate the different aspects of your intellectual capital.

  • Sample of both internal and external stakeholders—the sample is balanced between approximately one-third internal and two-thirds external.

  • Structured questions—the rating system has a battery of structured questions, the configuration of which is determined by the profile of a given stakeholder.

  • Unstructured questions—the methodology also allows for unstructured follow-up questions, enabling the consultant to probe deeper on important issues and capture specific comments that increase your understanding of the rating results.

  • Competitive data—the survey process can also gather data on your competition as a benchmark for relevant aspects of your intellectual capital. The focus of these questions can be on your competition in general or on a specific competitor.

  • Benchmarking—comparisons can be made (on a blind basis) against similar companies in the IC Rating™ database. Benchmarking is also available for municipalities and clusters.

The results are compiled using algorithms developed and validated through many years of experience. The output is a series of reports that rate the current, future and risk profiles of your company’s intellectual capital.

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IC Rating

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