Good to Great

A global IT services firm had grown quickly. With 3,000 employees and locations in several countries, it was developing nicely. But its management team was not content to maintain the status quo. They wanted to continue to grow and improve. They also had their sights on an IPO and wanted to develop a vocabulary and set of data that would help them tell their story.

The stakeholders of the company were energized by the IC Rating™ interview process. The feedback had much good news for the company—management received a very high rating. But risk was identified in its business recipe—up to that point, the team had not done a good job of differentiating the company in a busy marketplace. Specific opportunities for process improvements and middle management empowerment were also identified.

After reviewing the results with the senior team, executive management rolled out the results to over 1,500 employees. The discussion and initiatives that it inspired helped the company climb to new heights. Since this exercise, the company has tripled in size, and they had one of the most successful IPO’s ever in their market. The raw material of a service company is its intellectual capital. By explicitly measuring its IC, this company was able to go from good to great.

ICM Concept


IC Rating

Why do an IC Rating?