Culture Can Change

Two years ago, an internet unit of a large entertainment group was facing problems. They were losing members of their management team and finding it hard to attract new people at all levels. The challenges were showing up in lackluster results. Something needed to change.

Other units in this group had used IC Rating™ so it was a natural to do one here. The Rating made it clear that the culture of the organization was very hierarchical and closed. This meant that employees were not involved in important decisions and lacked an understanding of the group’s strategy. It was also clear that the group did not have a clear understanding of the skills that were required to keep up with the ever-changing world of the internet.

The management team attacked these problems decisively. They held meetings and worked to improve communication throughout the organization. They also developed competency inventories and addressed weaknesses through training and new hires. Positive financial results followed. The group is now growing quickly. A new IC Rating showed that culture, management and business recipe—aspects of a business that are notoriously hard to change—had all improved. This business unit demonstrated that intangibles management can lead to tangible results.

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