Business Challenges at a Non-Profit

A highly successful non-profit had become the leader in its field. Its brand appeared unassailable and its future was bright. But its visionary leader was worried. He saw participation in their programs leveling off. He also saw new players taking different approaches to the market. He worried that his organization would lose its leadership position.

The findings from the IC Rating™ confirmed some of his suspicions. The brand was strong, but there were threats on the horizon. In light of this, two other major findings were especially worrisome. The first was that the company was not preparing its employees for the expected market changes (the highest overall score was for employee current skills, and the lowest score was for training efforts for future skills). The second major finding was that the Founder was still at the center of too much of the organization’s brand, relationships and operations. The organization was at a risky point.

But the findings also showed the path to success. The human capital issues could be solved with training and new hires. The story of the findings and the organization’s new plans helped to fuel a new fundraising drive. Even greater future financial resources were identified in the incredible untapped intellectual property that the organization had always controlled but had never seen as an asset. Getting better information helped move this organization from intangible doubts and fears—to tangible solutions.

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