Building Global Bridges

This consulting division of a multinational technology company had always been seen as an adjunct to its parent’s core business. Today, as has occurred in so many technology companies, the consulting group is now seen as a core offering that will drive branding and sales for the entire organization. With this mandate and opportunity, corporate and divisional management wanted to jumpstart significant global growth of this consulting business.

The management team needed to make sure that the organization had the capabilities to deliver on this new vision. What better time to take stock of your intellectual capital? The team contracted an IC Rating™ that surveyed internal and external stakeholders of the division around the world. The findings were supportive of the overall strategy but found that the message had not been fully embraced in the many, but very significant, regional offices across the globe. There were also challenges related to competence development, marketing and sales.

These findings were a surprise to many in senior management. According to their internal standards, they thought they were right on track. Having the ability to look at their full intellectual capital portfolio filled out the picture for them. Although they had a sense of some of their barriers to success, their organization is diverse and dispersed. The Rating made it absolutely clear that there were gaps in both capabilities and alignment. As with most challenges, accepting the need to take action has to come first. This company has saved itself time and trouble by getting started now on their major challenges and getting their growth plans underway.

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