Benchmarking for Cross-Learning

A large entertainment company had an imbalance between costs and results among several business units. But their dilemma was a common one—how to rebalance costs without jeopardizing their underlying businesses.

Performing an IC Rating™ on each unit enabled the company to compare and contrast their current status as well as their future outlook. It became clear that there were, indeed, significant differences between the units. There were five major areas that were identified as candidates for cross-learning and opportunities for improvement. The best practices of individual units were then leveraged across the other units.

The overall improvements led to cost cuts of more than 30 million Euros. Management was very comfortable that the cost cuts did not jeopardize the value offering of the company. In fact, these changes left them better prepared for the future. They were only able to accomplish this because their benchmarking went beyond tangible, financial metrics. The company’s competitive position depends on intellectual capital so the right solution had to include intangible assessment via IC Rating™.

ICM Concept


IC Rating

Why do an IC Rating?