Annual Discipline

Four years ago, a global technology company was undergoing a corporate restructuring. They were looking to establish a baseline for their Balanced Scorecard (BSC) effort and decided to perform an IC Rating™. As time went on, a number of units moved to annual rating cycles. One of the key benefits that they saw in the Rating is the candid comments from external stakeholders about their own business as well as those of competitors. This feedback has helped to keep them grounded as they have moved from year to year.

In the most recent cycle, the Rating compared the company’s brand with those of several competitors. They also used the Rating as a way to understand what customers and partners expect from them in the face of changing market conditions. The findings helped clarify the mind-set of the market and the company’s strengths and weaknesses. Using workshops, the findings were discussed broadly throughout the organization to lay the groundwork for change.

This annual rating discipline is part of what helps this company to maintain its number one global market position and makes it possible to watch for and respond to changes in its market. The Rating consolidates the views and feedback from customers and employees spread around the globe and provides a shared vocabulary that makes it easier to build and leverage intellectual capital. Annual IC Ratings test the assumptions of the company’s strategy, enabling them to adjust and continuously improve performance.

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