We are a team of professionals coming from a variety of backgrounds with long real life experience in private, corporate and public organizations with highest academic degrees and professional qualification in various fields.

Our common philosophy is that intellectual capital or intangible capital or assets are the real and most important asset of organizations. This is the asset that can truly lead organisations to success or failure. Our team and associates have a real passion of letting organizations know that this is the area they should be focusing on and that it is important to know where they stand and how to take measures for improving situations and avoid risks.

Several years back, in our effort to find a real, valid and proven methodology, we identified IC Rating Intellectual Capital AB in Sweden, a pioneer company that has developed and evaluated hundreds of organizations using their own, best methodology in the world, for evaluating and reporting intangible capital. We were trained in their methodology and became one of their first licensed partners. Their international network and know how is now managed and owned by ICMG in Japan, a company fully dedicated in supporting organizations exploit and develop their intellectual assets. We are very proud to be part of ICMG International Network helping organizations evaluate, develop and build on their intellectual or intangible assets.



ICMG (Intellectual Capital Management Group) is the leading consulting company based in Japan that supports the growth and competitiveness of companies and organizations using know-how and methodologies that focus specifically on rating and developing their intellectual assets. ICMG operates a large network of companies around the world that are licensed and trained to use it’s know how and methodologies focusing on intellectual capital.

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