360º Review of HQ

A regional headquarters office had been through a difficult period of turnaround. They had often used intangibles assessment to get a better handle on some of the several dozen country operations that the HQ oversaw for a large multinational manufacturer. As performance improved, the HQ felt that it was timely and appropriate to turn the focus toward their own efforts and commissioned an IC Rating™ of their operation.

The rating took the perspective that the country divisions were the primary “customers” of the HQ staff. The findings indicated, as would be expected following a period of “survival mode” operations, that their organization had become somewhat introverted and overly focused on the short-term. While the HQ had begun to think longer term, it was clear that there was a need for a much more disciplined approach to longer-term thinking. Also, the understanding of existing strategies was found to be very inconsistent in different countries and operational groups. Organizational weaknesses included human capital management as well as a failure to build and leverage external alliances.

The findings made it clear that even if the HQ engaged in more strategic planning activities, the effect probably would be negative because they weren’t tapping into the wisdom of their organizations, nor were they communicating effectively to gain buy-in. This revelation was a great wake-up call and became an impetus for a new chapter in the life of this large, geographically dispersed organization. The CEO of this regional organization is now seeking to benchmark his organization against other regions within this multinational organization. This type of benchmarking has been very helpful at the country division level, and they are excited to move it to the regional level.

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